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Cake smashes have quickly become one of my favorite types of baby photography. During a cake smash it’s not uncommon to see the birthday child go from happy smiles, to a tear or two (that frosting is sticky!) and back again. I love getting to capture the huge personalities that my little clients have. Some kiddos love the cake, some kiddos hate the cake but it’s always fun getting to see their reactions. I recently got to do my first twin cake smash and it was most certainly double the fun!

After looking for a Colorado Springs photographer to do a cake smash and coming up empty handed, these little gals’ mama called me and scheduled an appointment. I was super excited to get to do my first cake smash with twins! Their mom and aunt made their cute little tutus to match the pink, mint green and gold theme.

We started the cake smash session like we do every cake smash, with first birthday photos.

First birthday photo of little girl in pink tutu by Colorado Springs baby photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Twin girls' first birthday photos by Colorado Springs baby photographer K.D. Elise Photography.After we finished first birthday portraits together and separately, we set both cuties down behind their cakes and got ready for the mess. These gorgeous cakes came from Aileen’s Bakery here in Pueblo, they always provide me with the most beautiful cakes to match my themes. I’m pretty sure the girls thought the cakes were yummy! Twins pink, gold and mint green cake smash by Colorado Springs photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Twin girls eating birthday cake during their cake smash session with K.D. Elise Photography.One year old girl making a mess during her first birthday cake smash.One year old girl holding messy fingers up to the camera during her first birthday cake smash.They smashed the cake, they slapped the cake, they stomped on the cake and at the end of it all they crawled through cake! There was cake from one end of the studio to the other, and I’m pretty sure all the adults present went home wearing quite a bit too! These two know how to make a mess! First birthday cake smash photos by Colorado Springs photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Twin one year old girls crawling over thier birthday cakes during their first birthday photoshoot with Colorado Springs photographer K.D. Elise Photography.We finished up the session with a quick splash before saying goodbye. First birthday cake smash clean up photos by Colorado Springs photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Photo of twin sisters in a metal washtub after their cakesmash with Colorado Springs photographer K.D. Elise Photography.

Cake smashes are a fun way to celebrate your little one’s very first birthday. Every cake smash session is customized for your child! If you’d like to book a session, or for more information please click the contact button. K.D. Elise Photography serves Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding area.

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