Pueblo Children’s Photographer | Two Cute Sisters

Savannah and her baby sister Siennah came to see me for a sister’s photography session. Their mama brought them perfectly dressed in the most beautiful outfits!
Even after a bit of a drive from Colorado Springs, Siennah warmed up quickly and didn’t mind me taking her photos at all! She was all smiles as I put her on a wood floor backdrop, and she showed us just how good she was pushing up to try to crawl.
Baby girl in blue romper crawling on a white wood floor during photography session with Pueblo Children's photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Baby girl in blue romper and floral headband sitting in a blue antique style bucket, by Pueblo children's photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Baby girl in cream romper and floral headband crawling on a dark wood backdrop, by Pueblo children's photographer K.D. Elise PhotographySavannah wasn’t quite as sure about how having her photos taken. It took her a while to warm up to me, and she was a bit more stingy with her smiles. One of the challenges of being a children’s photographer is finding what works for each kiddo to help them warm up and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Sometimes it takes a while, and that’s okay! Children’s photography sessions with K.D. Elise Photography are never rushed! When we finally found what worked for Savannah we were all set. She spotted a vintage peddle car in my studio and really, really wanted to sit in it! She was happy and smiling while “driving” the peddle car. If you’ve been watching sessions on the blog, you probably recognize this little car. A little Photoshop magic was used to change the color from red, to pink to match Savannah’s floral crown.

Little girl in cream dress and pink flower headband sitting in a pink peddle car. Photo by Pueblo children's photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Little girl in cream dress and floral headband sits in a pink peddle car and smiles at the camera during photos with Pueblo children's photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Little girl in pink romper sitting on a blue antique style bucket. By Pueblo children's photographer K.D. Elise Photography.

Looking for a Pueblo Children’s photographer? I’d love to capture beautiful images of your child! K.D. Elise Photography is located in Pueblo, however many of my clients drive from Colorado Springs, Trinidad and Canon City. To schedule your session, click the contact button and fill out the form to send an e-mail.

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