Choosing a Newborn Photographer

With so many photographers in Pueblo and Colorado Springs it can be hard to know who to choose for your newborn portraits.Firstly, contact Andrew Defrancesco  to get suggestions. Newborns grow so quickly and there’s such a limited time frame to capture those special memories, there’s no do-overs. Many photographers who specialize in newborn photography take a limited number of clients each month and those spots fill up quickly. I recommend choosing your newborn photographer during your second trimester.

So how do you know who to trust with your baby’s first portraits?  I’ve got a few tips to help you make the decision.

Training and Safety
Does the photographer you’re considering have specialized training in photographing newborns? Newborn photography is totally different than other types of photography. It’s a simple thing to put a baby on a blanket and snap a quick photo (if you’re like most parents you’ll likely take thousands of photos just like this over the course of baby’s first year). If you’re looking for beautiful, timeless newborn portraits, you need a photographer who specializes in newborn photography. Basic photography rules apply to newborn portraits just as they do senior portraits, wedding photography, etc. But photographers working with newborns should have extensive training specifically in how to properly and safely photograph the tiny human you are entrusting to them.
Smiling newborn baby girl wearing pink and green hat, wrapped in mint colored fabric. Newborn photography by K.D. Elise Photography.The photographer will be putting your baby into poses and baby simply can’t tell us if those poses are comfortable or not. Extensive newborn photography training with experienced teachers lets a photographer learn how to pose a baby safely. Not all poses can be done with every baby and it’s the photographer’s job to recognize baby’s signs during posing. At the end of the day, baby’s safety should be the number one priority. If your photographer is going to be attempting posed newborn portraits, ask them about their newborn specific training and what steps they’ll be taking to keep baby safe. Do they know how to do a composite image (putting two or more images together in Photoshop) for more difficult poses? Hands should always be on or near baby when baby is in a prop, or in a  pose where he or she is holding their own weight. Does the photographer know the signs to watch for to ensure baby’s circulation is good and that his or her airway is maintained? These are important questions to ask photographers you are considering.

Twin newborn girls wrapped in pink, resting in a basket. Newborn photography by K.D. Elise Photography, a Colorado Springs area newborn photographer.



Every photographer working with newborns and children should be fully insured. Most photographers carry equipment insurance and many participate in an Idemnification Trust (often through Professional Photographers of America), they should also carry a separate liability policy. This protects you, your baby, and your photographer.

Quality and Depth of Portfolio

Do the images shown on the photographer’s website and social media accounts show babies in comfortable positions? Are the images in focus and does baby’s skin tone appear to be a natural color?

In the head on hands composite pose (seen below) are baby’s hands cupping his or her cheeks or bent in under his or her face? This pose should be shot as two images and composited together in Photoshop, hands are always on baby holding the weight of baby’s head. Are baby’s hands and feet an unnatural orange or purple color? That can be a sign of reduced circulation.

Newborn baby boy on grey blanket by Pueblo newborn photographer K.D. Elise Photography

Is it obvious from the photographer’s portfolio that he or she has photographed a large number of newborns?


Does the photographer’s style match your own? Can you envision images similar to those in his or her portfolio hanging on your own wall? There are a number of photographers available to you, with a wide variety of styles. After considering the important things above (training, experience, etc.) be sure to pick someone who’s style you love. Whether you’re drawn to neutral organic tones, more colorful photos or photos of baby in “scenes” there’s a photographer who can match your style.

Ask your photographer if the use of props are included. Take a look through their portfolio to see examples of the items the photographer has on hand for use during your session.

Session Details: Length, Location

Most newborn photographers plan an average of 2-3 hours for a newborn session. Babies often require extra feeding, settling and snuggles to remain calm and comfortable. General photographers who shoot a variety of genres (families, weddings, seniors, babies, etc.) may only offer an hour session. For the best quality newborn portraits look for a newborn specialist who will spend a few hours with you and your baby, capturing beautiful memories.

It’s also important to know in advance whether you’d prefer your newborn photographer to come to your home, or if you’d rather go to their studio. An in home session lets you remain in your own environment, an in studio session allows the photographer greater control of lighting and easy access to a wider variety of props.
Baby girl in cream hat laying on her tummy. Newborn portrait by K.D. Elise Photography.

Newborn baby boy laying on brown fur while wearing a deer bonnet. Newborn portraits by K.D. Elise Photography, a Colorado Springs and Pueblo newborn photographer.
Obviously as a newborn photographer I’d love to be part of capturing your newborn’s first portraits. Newborn photography is my passion. However, it’s more important to me that you choose a photographer whose work you love, who will handle your baby safely and carefully, and who you mesh with personally. If you think we’re a fit, please click the contact button and send me an e-mail. I’d love to chat with you about newborn photography. I am highly trained, fully insured and I’ve been fortunate to have had the honor of capturing hundreds of baby’s very first portraits.

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