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Ask any mama who has ever carried a baby with a head full of hair into my studio about my reaction and she’ll probably tell you “oh she loves baby hair!” When I lift back the blanket on baby’s carrier and see a head full of hair it makes me positively giddy! I have three beautiful children who were all gorgeous and sweet newborns, not a one of them had hair. I’m told I myself was completely bald as a newborn. As a newborn photographer though, there’s just something about that full head of beautiful hair that completely captivates me. It makes the tiny little people in front of me look so much older, and makes me imagine little bits of personality.

Leah came to the studio for newborn photos with her mama and both grandmothers when she was 17 days old. She had a head full of red/brown hair and I was convinced that she was going to be a firecracker (see, imagining personality!). Oh how she proved me wrong! Sweet and calm as can be, Leah settled right in to every pose I put her in. Her mama had requested yellow, lavender, mint green and teals for her session so we worked with those colors and used a lot of headbands so that we could show off her hair.

Newborn baby girl laying on cream blanket. Newborn photography by K.D. Elise Photography.Newborn girl on cream blanket, facing the camera while wearing yellow wrap and purple and yellow headband. Newborn photography by Pueblo photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Smiling newborn baby girl wearing pink and green hat, wrapped in mint colored fabric. Newborn photography by K.D. Elise Photography.Newborn baby in pink and mint hat laying on her back with feet curled up by Pueblo photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Side photo of newborn baby girl in pale purple wrap and headband.Baby girl in purple wrap and purple headband lying on a purple backdrop by Pueblo photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Newborn baby girl wrapped in purple and wearing a purple headband.
Towards the end of the session we posed Leah with a wrestling belt that her daddy had ordered for her newborn portraits. The belt arrived in the mail just in time for her session. After trying a few different ways of incorporating the belt, we settled on placing it over her shoulder like a true champion!
Wrestling themed newborn photo of baby girl holding wrestling championship belt by Pueblo photographer K.D. Elise Photography.I always try to encourage new moms to get in the photos with their babies. Yes, you’re sleep deprived and tired and feel everything but beautiful. Someday though, someday you’ll look back on those photos and be oh so glad to have them. For an instant you’ll remember the way that tiny baby curled up on your chest and the way your cheek felt resting on hers. Your baby will be thankful for them too.

Leah’s mom joined her for a few mommy and baby images and I’m so very glad she did! She was absolutely glowing and there is so much love in those photos!
Newborn baby girl being held in her mama's arms. Newborn baby and mama portrait by Pueblo photographer K.D. Elise Photography.A very special thank-you to Leah’s mom and dad for choosing me to capture these special images for them!

If you’re looking for newborn photography in Pueblo, CO please send me a message using the contact button. Together, we’ll create a beautiful custom session for your new baby. I offer newborn photography to clients from Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Canon City, Trinidad and the surrounding areas.

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